Friday, January 2, 2015

#HappyNewYear - My #OLW for #2015

So here we are, the first Friday night of 2015! Amazingly so, here I am... BLOGGING! I thought I'd share my #OLW for 2015! I didn't want to make a list of resolutions that I'd fall behind on or ultimately fail... I thought long and hard about my one little word. I reflected on the past year and was debating between TWO different words... I decided on. . .
So this year, I will embrace my journey and strive to accept all whether it be positive or negative and embrace it... after all, there is much that is out of my control. I would like to grow as a person as I embrace it all! I have many goals this year... I can only hope to achieve them all!
I look forward to seeing you all more this year, whether it be here on my blog, on facebook, instagram or in person! Thank you for being a friend & follower of Crafty Amiga!


  1. Hiya Leticia , i have to say im totally LOVING your blog your shabby chic cards are super cool. ive just followed you on here and your facebok page. If you have time could you have a look & follow my new blog site Each week Ill be posting reviews or craft fairs & museums, Crafts made by me and others, competitions and much more. you can also follow me on Facebook at :)

    1. Awesome, thank you! I will definitely check out your blog and your FB page!